The term ‘Kwan’ (ขวัญ) refers to intangible parts that cannot be seen or touched but have the ability to move. These intangible parts are present in different elements such as living beings, objects, structures, and places. This belief in ‘Kwan’ has been a part of the spiritual tradition of Southeast Asian indigenous communities for thousands of years. The concept of ‘Kwan’ has sparked interest in the fields of biology and art, as it has become a source of information for developing creative works such as performances. The integration of interdisciplinary studies and continuous work development can promote cooperation and present the power of creative culture, in line with the Ministry of Culture’s policy on ‘Soft Power’. The event ‘E-San Soft Power to globalization culture, Isan art and culture to creative power without borders’ will provide a platform for discussions and exchange of viewpoints from different academic fields such as biology, technology, and art.


The artist created visual interactive using motion sensor for the performance. Also, the artist gave a lecture on this topic.