KLEE BHO “tales” concert: Visual Installation

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“The great mountain stands solid without words”, lyrics to one of KLEE BHO’s recent musical creations. The journey away and back home brought “Klee”, frontman of the ‘contemporary folk’ band, to compose cinematic harmonies to the sound of world music with the ‘Taenagu’, an ethnic harp close to the roots of being Karen.

Music has embraced his life with many friends from the city to the ways of the mountains. “Klee”, as a Karen artist, has journeyed with music since the days when his village was without electricity, where only the sound of nocturnal insects serenaded the night.

The spirit of nature, the calling for solitude of the Pkakenyaw (“Karen”) people, community ways of life, and family – themes that you will experience through the sound ambience of KLEE BHO. Their sound hopes to cross genre-boundaries, with the blend of Karen sound art and contemporary instruments.

KLEE BHO invites you to their debut concert as a ‘contemporary folk’ band on 11 February 2023, at Thapae East, Chiang Mai. Hear ‘tales’ that transcend from the mountains to the city. The journey of KLEE BHO, music that brings people back home.


Wave Pongruengkiat created the visual sequence along with Setthasiri Chanjaradpong. At the same time, Chatchai Sukkanan and Krai Sidd were responsible for installation. Earng Varinpramote was the main organizer of this event.