Inspired from local city pillar festival, Afterwish is an interactive sculpture that combines the virtual world and the ritual world, inspired by the iconic symbols in the popular game The Sims, which emerged in 2000 and often referenced how the virtual world might look in the future. The sculpture projects the colorful light of an 8-petal flower, representing blessings to the city. It imitates the floral motifs found on ancient ritual pillars, where each petal of the flower represents a different aspect, such as basic structures, democracy, education, justice, and culture.

The Afterwish ritual pillar is a transformative sculpture that changes its colors according to the hopes of the people who reside, work, live, and relax in the city of Chiang Mai. The desires of the community are gathered and stored in a database, to be transmitted to those involved, reflecting the aspirations of the people of Chiang Mai for what they want their city to be like in the future.

collaboration with Spark U Lanna