Wave’s TEDx Chiang Mai

Speaking on the TEDx stage was a huge honor for me. Back in my university days, I used to look to TEDx for fresh inspiration and new ways to get those creative juices flowing. I stumbled upon some talks that really sparked something in me, you know? They introduced me to some pretty radical and mind-opening ideas that have definitely influenced who I am today.

If you’re here checking out this page, chances are you’re curious about what I had to say up on that stage or maybe even watched it online.

My talk was all about exploring the question: “How can we blend art and technology to shake up tradition?” I shared stories from my past projects with tomorrow.Lab, a collective of futurists, explorers of spheres that unites art and science. Our collective encourages an open conversation with local individuals, communities, and cities. – Everyone, to actively participate in the world of tomorrow.

“ฟังสิ่งเดิม เปิดรับสิ่งใหม่ และสร้างวัฒนธรรมที่มีชีวิตไปพร้อมกัน”

Here is my script (In Thai)

Here is my slides.

TEDx ChiangMai Team – Acknowledgement

TEDxChiangMai is organized by a network of volunteers working at Chiang Mai University, other education institutes, local companies, and NGOs. It is a non-profit event, supported by our partners.

TEDx ChiangMai – TED

I am eager to extend credit to the fantastic volunteers who have contributed to my talks, encompassing administration, curation, and hospitality alike.

Thanks Sally, Lilly, Jasmine, Bam, Yok, Annette, Martin and Aj. Jom

Thanks Sally, Lilly, Jasmine, Bam, Yok, Annette, Martin and Aj. Jom

tomorrow.Lab – Acknowledgement

A collective of futurists, explorers of spheres that unites art and science. Our collective encourages an open conversation with local individuals, communities, and cities. – Everyone, to actively participate in the world of tomorrow.

All of the works told on the stage cannot happen with these people! I’d like to give them every credit I can give.

  • Chatchai Sukkanan
  • Krai Sridee
  • Supakarn Varinpramote
  • Ploypilin Kasemsuk
  • Setthasiri Chanjaradpong
  • Chiranthanin Kitika (Also for nominating me)
  • Jirapat Thaweechuen
  • Khomsan Chaiwong

Special Acknowledgement: Henry Tan and Bora Hong who’re always supporting us.

our team photo from tomorrow.Lab กลุ่มนักออกแบบ ที่ใช้ศิลปะกวนงานประเพณีเก่าเชียงใหม่ให้สนุก (thairath.co.th) with my bad photoshop.

Projects featured in my talk.

During the talk, I mentioned

คน.ข้าวยาคู้.ช้างม่อย (The Midnight Rice Festival)

คน Kon: Stir or Human

ข้าวยาคู้ Kao Yakoo: A Blessed Rice Pudding Tradition

ช้างม่อย Changmoi: Our neighborhood

Kon Kao Yakoo Chang Moi is a blessed rice pudding co-creation tradition in the Chang Moi community of Chiang Mai, Thailand, held around the Yi Peng festival.

The tradition begins with a community gathering to give all supplies, and then at midnight, they begin mixing sticky rice with peanuts, sesame seeds, honey, and coconut milk in a huge wok until it is smooth and sticky. Khao Ya Khoo has a chewy and sweet texture.

The Chang Moi community’s highlight is this blessed rice pudding ceremony, which begins the night before the full moon (midnight) with a Buddhist ceremony led by the abbot of Wat Chom Phu before dawn.

The following morning, the kao yakoo is offered to several Chiang Mai neighborhood temples and distributed to people to bring luck and prosperity.

The Encounter

I first became involved with the ritual in 2020 when Namton (COTH studio) organized a new media installation in the Changmoi neighborhood as part of Chiang Mai Design Week 2020: Homecoming. I participated as one of the artists. Being a member of the community, I reached out to Auntie Da (Pimlada Inthawong), the community leader, to request permission for the venue. She graciously accepted our request and asked for assistance in return. As artists and curators of the event, we joined locals in performing the kon kao yakoo ritual at the temple at midnight.

Following that, there were several creative projects in Changmoi. Auntie Da had the opportunity to meet Assistant Professor Chiranthanin Kittika (Phuwa), who brought attention to this ritual and aimed to transform it into an event engaging people of the new generation.

คนข้าวยาคู้ 2021

Lead organizer: Chiangmai We care and Chiang Mai Learning City


คนข้าวยาคู้ 2022

Lead organizer: Chiangmai We care and Chiang Mai Learning City

Agenda and partnerships

คนข้าวยาคู้ 2023 – The Midnight Rice 2023

tomorrow.Lab organized a contemporary temple festival in Chang Moi community! We started giving the name of Midnight Rice Festival.

Join ‘Kon.Kao.Yakoo Chang Moi’ : the Midnight Rice Festival 2023, a contemporary celebration of Loy Krathong and the Midnight Rice ceremony at Wat Chom Phu in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

On the night of the full moon, from November 25-26, 2023, the people of Chang Moi will come together to celebrate the Yee Peng festival with a traditional rice pudding ceremony against the backdrop of their community temple, Wat Chomphu. Juxtaposed with traditional rituals, the young generation comes together for a blend of culture; multimedia art exhibitions of visuals and sound, a community market, karaoke, live music, and more!

Similar to TEDx, our event is also powered by volunteers dedicated to helping the community and crafting an extraordinary experience. To honor everyone involved in this project, we have created ‘ฮอมลิส – Hom List‘, where ‘ฮอม’ signifies pooling resources in Thai. This list serves as a testament to the contributions of all individuals who have played a part in making this event possible.

here is our Linktree

This is the shared album of the event: คน.ข้าวยาคู้.ช้างม่อย 2023


💫 rice stirring and blessing rituals

💫 a community neighbourhood market

💫 special voice show from Chang Moi’s community star 𝐔𝐍𝐂𝐋𝐄 𝐁𝐨𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐧𝐠

💫 a Symposium with the Aunties of Chang Moi

💫 Chang Moi WALKing tours

💫 Type Walk (a tour of fonts in the ‘hood)

💫 Visual arts exhibitions | International line-up of artists from BSCF (South Korea), Myanmar, Canada, and Chiang Mai

💫 Media Arts exhibition from Micro Galleries

💫 Pokemon GO!

💫 Legendary Chiang Mai bands!

Anna Maria Olsson | Escape to Your Library | SUTHEP BAND : คณะสุเทพฯ | Echo Resort | ธนากอน Thanakon | ถลัชนันท์ | Mr.cat and friends.

💫 A special dance remedy from Sirisook Dance Theatre

💫 Comedy act คณะเชิญยู๊ด

💫 Karaoke


& more in the mix!

Individual Projects mentioned in the talk.

Himmapana: Welcome to the Jungle (2022)

During คนข้าวยาคู้ 2022 with Chiangmai We care and Chiang Mai Learning City


collaboration with Spark U Lanna


AeK is Chiang Mai based musician his saxophone is unique and raw. You’ll get it when you see him play.

Aek Wild Sax

Aek (Aekchai Tepraksa) was a significant influence on me, instilling confidence in me to enter the creative world. I admired his saxophone performances and witnessed his collaborations with various art forms. He had a knack for transforming every corner of the city into a music venue. His impact was not exclusive to me; he touched the lives of everyone who knew him. Chiang Mai would undoubtedly more beautiful from having more individuals like him.

Aek passed away in 2023. The T-shirt I wore on stage was in remembrance of his 100-day passing, a tradition in Thai culture. My talk serves as a tribute to the saxophonist, honoring his memory and the inspiration he provided.

Thanks May Nutha for delivering the T-shirt with short notice.

Image from the first day we had conversation at Simply Happy Cafe

The T-shirt Credit: บ้านและสวน Baanlaesuan.com